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What is eSiting?


eSiting is an extension to the environmental consulting and geospatial information systems services of Epsilon Systems Solutions, Inc.  eSiting is a convenient, online service being deployed to simplify Renewable Energy, Traditional Energy and Civic project siting assessment including pre-screening, feasibility, and constraints analysis.


eSiting is built on a powerful Geographic Information System (GIS) and Project Management framework to provide comprehensive geospatial site prescreening, mapping, analysis, printing, project tracking and information acquisition/storage.


Understanding of interactions with permitting agencies, environmental, Department of Defense, and adjacent land use during each stage of a project’s development and operation is critical to successful deployment. eSiting enables users to evaluate a location within the continental United States to determine site feasibility and track primary and alternate site locations.


    If you would like more information on eSiting contact us at or call 760-428-7330.